The Cooperative Satyroi was born in 2011, in Reggio Calabria province, in the heart of the Area Grecanica , cultural district protected by UNESCO with historical origins in the Magna Graecia . The Cooperative, sponsored by AIAB (Italian Association for Organic Agriculture) in Calabria, in addition to being an organic farming company is a social organization. His actions are strongly oriented towards inclusion and sustainable development of rural areas by promoting models of socio-economic and cultural development to retrain and promote the cultural and environmental heritage , responsible consumption , ethical work in agriculture , through the multifunctionality of organic agriculture as the guarantor of the integrated development and participatory.

  • Promotes food products, on the national and international markets.
  • Coordination of small and medium-sized enterprises by stimulating forms of business development and sustainable production strategies.
  • Research projects coordination and implementation, promotion and rural development activities , conservation of biodiversity and territorial identities, mediator between public and private entities.
  • Promotional activities of rural development, forestry and environmentally friendly agriculture.
  • Protects and enhances the historical and cultural identity of a specific territory, protection of biodiversity and the agro foods excellence through “Bio Distretti” (Organic District).
  • Develop relationships, activities and initiatives with consumers and operators in the field of production and agro-biological transformation.
  • Actions to relationship between producer and consumer; promoting solidarity purchasing groups (GAS), organized groups of request and supply (GODO) and wine tourism activities
  • Promotes, organizes, manages, educational activities and awareness campaigns by educational activities and training related to organic farming and biodiversity.
  • Food culture programs, to better promote knowledge of the historical roots, the production processes and forms of public catering.
  • Cultural events, and publishing products of popularizing education and science, connected to the world and culture of rural territories.



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Rappresentante Legale: Luis Urra Hernandez