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Sponsored by the Reggio Calabria Province Linguistic Minorities department the “Saperi e Sapori dell’Area Grecanica” project was managed by the Cooperative Satyroi of Bova Marina.The project aim at enhancing and promoting the local and organic food and wine, as an ingredient of development and employment growth for the Calabrian communities that has Greek roots.
Project goals: perpetuate the traditions related to food, interpreting them in a modern logic, able to make available to all the culture of the Area Grecanica, the identity of which can be represented by Greek hospitality, Byzantine spirituality and culinary traditions. In fact, the project promotes the knowledge and tastes of Area Grecanica on the whole national territory, giving six excellent local foods in quality restaurants sites in the cities of Rome, Florence, Turin and Milan.This restaurants developed a menu of these agro-food thanks to foods recipes formulated by the students of the Condofuri Institute of Hospitality, which is part of the Bova Marina Euclid Higher Institute. This foods recipes will bring Area Grecanica food and wine on the boards of the Peninsula, transmitting thus traditions of a linguistic minority, whose greek past has contributed to the cultural heritage of Italy constitution. It simply need to remember that Italy name was the appellative given by the Greeks to the southern Calabria last piece of land. Then finally Satyroi wish you good appetite, in our language of course: calò faghì.