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  • June
    • Food and Flavors Area Grecanica Project. Promotion and enhancement actions of Area Grecanica culinary tradition.
      Project funded by Linguistic Minorities Department  of the Reggio Calabria Province.
  • February
    • Calabrian organic products promotion at the BioFach, “World’s leading Trade Fair for Organic Food”, held at Nuremberg



  • November
    • “Calabria’s Greeks” Project Implementation. Project actions: “the other Calabrian Greek Travel Routes” guide. Cultural tourist routes, food and wine connecting the historical minority language of the Calabria’s Greeks with the other Reggio Calabria province towns where traces of Byzantine culture are still. Palmi, Seminara, Mammola, Stilo, Gerace and Reggio Calabria are the main cities with Byzantine historical expressions. Made in Rome at Centro Studi Orsini Chapel a master class of the excellent Grecanica Area food is the last one promotional action.
    • Conference “PSR 2014-2021 new programming opportunities for the sustainable development of rural areas” in the scope of the project “Mind the Cap – Organic Agri 2013-0085 for a sustainable future”. Event organized with Aiab and Aiab Umbria on behalf of the ‘IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements).
  •  September – October
    • BioDomenica “BioDomenica”, organized by AIAB Calabria and Satyroi with Coldiretti and Legambiente. Event “Officina del Bio” called, was a workshop through a practical demonstration of natural leavening. Organic Farm Sant’Anna owners made and explained that  leaviening step by step .That lab touched particularly interest of consumers who have labored to knead and distribute the natural yeast.
  • March – April
    • PrimaveraBio with AIAB Calabria to promote the excellence of Reggio Calabria Province organic food. Consumers through specific information activities, increase knowledge of the province of Reggio territory.  AIAB Calabria proposed activites direct to improve knowledge of the realities existing, “A day in a organic farm ” through the PrimaveraBio national campaign.



  • April – June
    • Organized by AIAB Calabria “Le Piazze del Bio”, was sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry and the Calabria Region, Department of Agriculture and Forests Council for Agriculture, Forestry. Event  . On the basis of the Agreement on the National Programme of Action for organic farming and organic products – PAN 2008/2009 – sanctioned by the State-Regions Conference. Achieved targets:improve the quality of consumer information with proper communication, effective and comprehensive highlighting. Farms become custodians of biodiversity conservation, mitigation of climate change and the maintenance of social equity.
  • March – June
    • Bioesploriamo in Calabria project was sponsored Calabria Region and implemented in partneship with AIAB Calabria. Project activities:
      1. Organic Farms open for a week to citizens and consumers;
      2. “Bioculturando” project and “The Organic Farm Life” a traveling educational exhibition in three Calabrian cultural centers exposed;
      3. “Le Piazze del Bio”, exhibition stands, organic Calabrian products fair, events was held in Cosenza and Reggio Calabria main squares.
    • Rende workshops realization “Officine del Bio” named. Two laboratories implemented by Satyroi with AIAB Calabria and AIAB Calabria – Cosenza Group partneship.Target achieved :better information actions about pasta from Senatore Cappelli  wheat variety and chili coltsfoot Jam.