Our initiatives are aimed to promote and facilitate the market entry of all the Italian organic products, with a focus on production and producers that show major difficulties to place in the national and international market. Small farming that have adopted the system of organic agriculture as a model  in its production activities and in the preservation of biodiversity. Cooperative Satyroi has succeeded in creating a network of small and medium-sized farms, with the target of stimulating new forms of business. Satyroi aimed at the development of the national organic production and the growth of the entire sector too. In this regard Satyroi has qualified logistics partners for every need and type of distribution in entire national territory and outside of Italy. It also carries out programs for the protection and enhancement of rural resources , identifying cultural connections  of every individual territory , seen as a added value of organic products. Satyroi organize cultural events and editorial informative products,  provides services and assistance in the editing of development projects , acting as a mediator between the public and private entities.