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Calabrian Historical-Linguistic Greek Minority exploitation as first promotional event of the project in November 2013 Rome. Actions on Greek culture and Area Grecanica food and wine focused.
A master class of Area Grecanica organic and local products and cultural events were organized than presentation of the guide “The Other Journey. Itineraries in the Calabria’s Greek. ” too.
The discovery of the Calabria’s Greeks in the Reggio Calabria province, through a journey to point out historical-linguistic minority of the Greeks in southern Calabria and Aspromonte Mountains. Greek orthodox church have risen in recent years, in places where the popular tradition for centuries venerated the relics of their Italian Greeks saints was the second step of that cultural trip.
A right combination between latest Hellenistic community centers and Byzantine spirituality in strip of land stretching along Ionian and Tyrrhenian seas. The project target sponsored by the Reggio Calabria Province Linguistic Minorities department was to return paintings of the Calabria’s Greeks, whose testimonies are not confined only in museums, including the remains of the Greek Magna polis or the monasteries ruins of “Basilian” but are translated too into symbols, gestures, sounds, rhythms, flavors and devotional practices firmly connected to the agricultural world.
The text promoted by the project “The Greeks of Calabria” was made by the Cooperative Satyroi to investigate the greek culture-epoch of Calabria through the steps of a long history that emerges only by this new point of view of the South Aspromonte Area.
Food for thought for decoding codes of belonging, symbols and memories highlighting the excellent food in a land where you can feel the most interesting examples of Greek Italy still.