Satyroi is located in the most southern point of the European continent, more precisely in a part of the Reggio Calabria province called Area Grecanica. Here still live small communities who speak an ancient language of Greek origin. They are the Greeks of Calabria, who migrated from Greece to the Ionian Calabrian coast between the VIII° and VI° century B.C. to seek and cultivate new lands. Since then, the Hellenic identity survived the Roman civilization, grew over time even after the subsequent arrival of the Byzantines, which allowed new relationships between Calabria and territories of the East. During IX century the grecofone community, confined and isolated in the Aspromonte Mountains escaped the threat of the Saracens and Turks. The Hellenism of Calabria developed in this area so rich in impenetrable mountains and along the rocky bed of the rivers called “fiumare” which were the only means of access and communication also with the neighboring city of Reggio. The relationship between the Greeks and their Calabrian mountains allowed to shape the habits and lifestyle of shepherds and farmers who dedicated their lives to the land. Rurality and the identity of the Hellenistic Area still gives suggestions of her past greek also and especially through its food and wine.